The BE O Bottle is modular, which means that you can disassemble it into several parts. This way you can easily clean it. You can also put the bottle in your dishwasher.

Good question! We can talk about this for hours, but in short it means this: The BE O Bottle is a climate positive bottle. Here’s why: the BE O Bottle is made from sugar cane, a fast growing crop takes up a lot of CO2. So much that more net CO2 is absorbed than is emitted during production and shipping. After harvesting, the sugar cane is processed into cane sugar and a residual product is released. This residual flow is used to make bioplastic. In this way we also prevent parts of the plant from being wasted. Bonus for the climate: we plant a tree for every bottle sold through Trees for the Future.

Is it possible to print onto the BE O bottle?

Let’s discuss this! Click here for the contact page. We would love to hear from you.

Let’s discuss this in more detail 🙂 Click here for the contact page. We look forward hearing from you.

There are two options how to order non-printed BE O bottles:

  • Through one of our resellers. Click here for the list.
  • Directly with us if you prefer to talk to us first. Click here for the contact page or check out the footer.


The BE O Bottle is for sale via our own BE O Shop  But also at bol.com and Ecomondo.nl. Prefer to view and hold the bottle first in real life? Also possible! You can find us at De Bijenkorf, ServicPoints at NS stations, & Klevering and Make My Day.