Made from plants

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This is why our material is made from plants. The base of our bioplastics are made from renewable raw materials instead of fossil ones. That way our products contribute to the world, are durable, lightweight and leak-proof. On top they are repairable and 100% recyclable!

Our material


Sugar cane

Made from the residual flows of sugar cane. Read our blog to find out how the material is made:

Used vegetable oils

The used cooking oils are collected from various companies in the food industry, like restaurants. Curious how the material is made? Read our blog:


A sustainable label

We don’t have a packaging, we have a product label! Made from PaperWise paper: a recyclable mix of agricultural waste and FSC-certified paper. This material is climate neutral and made with 100% green energy. The label is easy to recycle as the entire label is made of the same material.

Productlabel BE O Lifestyle products made from Paperwise FSC paper
Shipment boxes BE O Lifestyle
Shipment boxes BE O Lifestyle

Shipment boxes

Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and have an FSC® certificate.

In order not to consume an unnecessary amount of boxes, the bottles are packed in the same box throughout the entire route.