Make the world a better place in your own way

Every day we make choices that affect the world. With our products made from plants, we want to show that everyone can contribute to a better world without sacrifice. That’s why we develop reusable everyday products made from plants.

BE O cup koffie drinken
BE O cup koffie halen
BE O bottle station

“We want you to enjoy your everyday lifestyle even more than you already do!”

Damir – founder BE O Lifestyle

Products made from plants, it’s your thing!

Kira doet haar ding yoga met de BE O bottle


For me, yoga has always been a way to slow down. A moment all for yourself and to take care of yourself! The BE O bottle helps me with this. I start my day by filling the BE O bottle. Throughout the day, the bottle is a good reminder that I have to take good care of myself and the impact I have on the world.


It is my passion to nurture my body with vital and powerful food from nature. Back to the basics, as nature intended. I have been doing this for over 10 years and it promotes my vitality. Water is one of the essentials from nature, that is why I always keep track of my moisture balance. Now that I have just become a mom, it is important to drink 1 liter of extra water per day for breastfeeding! The BE O bottle is always near me, filled with healthy mineral water. On the days that I go to my own vegetable garden, I also take the BE O bottle with me! It doesn’t mind standing with me in the fertile soil… 😉


As a passionate illustrator, I have to take a break every now and then while drawing. That’s why I always have my BE O bottle in my bag, so I can refill it anywhere. It is lightweight, easy to use and it doesn’t leak! Especially the fact that the bottle doesn’t leak is very important to me, since I often have drawing supplies, paper or my iPad in my bag.