Your everyday products made from plants

Designed & made in The Netherlands

"It's amazing news that your are thinking about switching to products made from plants!"

Damir – founder BE O Lifestyle

The inspiration for starting BE O Lifestyle came from my experience in the plastic industry. With BE O Lifestyle we want to show you that everyone can contribute to a better world without sacrifice.

Love for BE O Lifestyle



'I love the feeling of contributing to the world when I am drinking from my BE O bottle!'
Kristie met haar blauwe BE O bottle


This drinking bottle is made with in a environmentally conscious way. I liked how stylish it looks, it's such a nice bottle to drink from.
Tim with the white BE O bottle


We took the bottle with us to Mexico. Ideal while hiking! Easy to hang on our daybackpack with a carabiner.


Very nice water bottle to drink from, feels good. Nice and durable material.
Logo bio-journaal

“What’s special is that both design and production take place in the Netherlands.”

Logo Indebuurt

“A sustainable drinking bottle made of natural materials that also looks great? It exists! On top of that it from our own beautiful town.”

Logo Startup Nijmegen

“In spring 2021, there where 200,000 sold drinking bottles. But in Damir’s opinion this is only the beginning.”