Gift for workers who work from home

The ideal gift for home workers

For many entrepreneurs and companies, ‘The New Normal’ means that employees work more from home. That is not always easy for a team! A gift can help, as a thank you and to create extra bonding. The BE O bottle is a perfect gift these days: durable, unique and helps your employees stay healthy by drinking enough!

The BE O bottle as a sustainable gift

The BE O bottle is made of plantbased material instead of oil: sugar cane! The sugar cane comes from Brazil. A lot of CO2 is absorbed during the growth of the plant. Even more than that CO2 is emitted during the entire production and transport process! That makes the BE O bottle climate positive. How exactly do we do that? You can see that in the video below.

The design of the BE O bottle

The BE O bottle is very functional and easy to use. The bottle can be disassembled into separate parts. This makes it easy to clean and the bottle takes up less space when you store it. The bottle is dishwasher safe, recyclable and free from BPA. The plant material ensures that the bottle does not have a plastic smell or taste. Very nice! The bottle is produced in the Netherlands and assembled in the sheltered workshop. The design of the bottle is also from Dutch soil!

  • 500ml / 17oz
  • Made of sugarcane
  • We plant a tree for every bottle sold
  • 100% recyclable due to smart choice of materials
  • Modular, if empty, 40% space saving in your bag
  • Designed & made in Holland
  • Assembled in social firm
  • Dishwasher safe
Bedrukte BE O bottles met logo
De BE O bottle waterfles met naam bedrukt
Bedrukte fles 360 BE O bottle zwart
White BE O bottle with Shift logo
Shipment boxes BE O Lifestyle
Shipment boxes BE O Lifestyle

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