1 bottle = 1 tree

By planting a tree for every product sold, we make even more climate-positive impact

Planting trees for more climate positive impact

Because we make our products from vegetable residual flows – and not from oil – everything we make is already climate-positive. But we want to make even more impact. That is why we plant a tree for every product sold. That tree absorbs an average of 15 kilograms of CO2, enough to charge your phone for more than 20 years. Now that’s plant power! We just don’t go into the woods with a shovel ourselves. Instead, we plant the trees together with Trees for the Future (TFTF): a non-profit organization that actively works to make the planet greener, helping the local population. How exactly do they do that? Read on below.

The tree gardens of Trees for the Future

The philosophy of TFTF is as simple as it is beautiful: to create a symbiotic relationship between humans and planet. They do this by creating so-called forest gardens in dry sub-Saharan areas. TFTF creates such a forest garden by planting several specifically selected crops together: a combination of larger trees and smaller plants that reinforce each other. For example, they plant a large mango tree, which in turn can provide shade for crops that can tolerate little sunlight. With this agricultural technique they create profit for the planet and for the community.

Sustainable agriculture through biodiversity

It’s a real win-win-win (-win?) situation. To begin with, the variation in crops makes the soil healthier and prevents desertification and erosion. The forest garden also attracts birds, small animals and insects, who work as mini farmers on the land. They clean up waste, protect the crops and provide some extra fertilizer. In this way, the real farmer has to use less chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In addition to all this, a tree garden has many benefits for the community. The crops are not only a food source, but they also provide income. The variety allows farmers to harvest several times a year, instead of one or two moments. This way they have enough food all year round and they do not have to store the food for as long. In short: improved soil quality and a balanced diet for the inhabitants. A great collaboration between people and the environment! Curious how exactly they achieve this? Check out the video.


A sustainable collaboration

BE O is a great supporter of collaborations between nature and humans. That is why we support organizations such as Trees for the Future. They understand how we can create balance in the world. In addition to planting the forest gardens, they also ensure that the locals know how to do this themselves and maintain it. This allows the farmers to continue to work independently and for Trees for the Future to help out other farmers.

The future is climate positive

We believe in a climate positive approach. Where we cooperate with nature instead of destroying it for profit. Together we can really make a difference. Together we make a positive impact on the climate!

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