"A stylish and sustainable promotional gift for a climate-positive future"

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BE On a mission

This is the BE O bottle

This sustainable drinking bottle is made from plants instead of oil. Namely from sugar cane and therefore climate positive. The bottle is modular, so that it takes up less space when empty and is easy to clean. 100% recyclable.

  • 500ml / 17oz
  • Modular, if empty, 40% space saving in your bag
  • Suitable for tap water and more drinks
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No plastic smell or taste
  • 94% Brazilian sugar cane
  • Designed & made in Holland
  • 100% recyclable

Print with logo

The BE O bottle can be printed with a logo and slogan, from 40 pieces. The label around the bottle can be personalized from 250 pieces. The bottles are made in the Netherlands and delivered from stock. Delivery time unprinted bottles: 1 working day Delivery time printed bottles: 10 working days Not fast enough? Call us on 024-203 00 24 to see if we can set a record time for you!

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BE O bottle blauw bedrukte waterfles relatiegeschenk voor Intel
BE O bottle zwart bedrukte waterfles relatiegeschenk voor HAN
BE O bottle oranje bedrukte waterfles relatiegeschenk voor Rabobank
BE O bottle rood bedrukte waterfles relatiegeschenk voor ASN Bank
BE O bottle wit bedrukte waterfles relatiegschenk voor Ahold Delhaize

Personalized and 360 ° printing

In addition to the standard logo and slogan options, we also print the BE O bottle 360 ° all around and by name. This way you can give every relationship and colleague a bottle with his or her name as a gift. The perfect personal and sustainable promotional gift!

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A sustainable promotional gift

With printed BE O bottles, your organization contributes directly to a climate-positive future. You choose plants (instead of plastic) and you also do something extra: we plant a tree for every bottle you buy.

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