Sustainable Christmas package,
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A sustainable Christmas package

It is a recognizable image in the Netherlands: at the end of December, just before the Christmas holidays, everyone with a big box under their arm. The Christmas package! Wouldn’t it be great if the whole of the Netherlands would go home with a sustainable Christmas package. All I want for Christmas is climate positive impact!

Free standard printing

If you order BE O bottles or BE O cups before 31 December 2022, these sustainable products will be printed with your logo or chosen print for free. The promotion applies to a minimum order of 250 BE O bottles or BE O cups.

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Available colours

Our reusable coffee cup, the BE O cup is available in 3 different colours. The BE O bottle, made from the residual flows of sugar cane is available in 6 different colours.

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Made from plants
Assembled with care
Dutch product
Durable & recyclable
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